Welcome to HCM Group

The goal of the Heyka Capital Markets Group is to provide international investors and local companies with comprehensive support in accessing and leveraging the opportunities created by the profound socioeconomic transition process occurring in the Central and Eastern European markets as well as dramatic global changes.

We have proven that everything is possible if you want it hard enough.

Anna Hejka
HCM Group Founder & Managing Director


Wiesław Rozłucki

Anna Hejka is the leading professional in the area of Private Equity/Venture Capital and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Wiesław Rozłucki
CEO of the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Tomasz Długiewicz

Our company got a great deal of support from Anna in our M&A process in the Czech Republic. Working with her was a great experience, giving my company a lot of comfort in our transaction.

Tomasz Długiewicz
Owner & CEO of One-2-One